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6 Things You Can Do to Show Your Pets You Love Them This Valentine’s Day

February 01, 2022

We firmly believe in spoiling our fur babies every day, but on Valentine's Day, it's nice to put in a little extra effort.

This holiday, don't forget to show your pets the same love they show you. Taking the time to overwhelm your pet with extra love and affection will strengthen your bond and improve your mental health.

So how do we do this when cards, roses, and chocolates just won't do? The good news is there are even better ways to show your pets how much you love them while still making their Valentine's Day extra special. Here are six things you can do to show your pets you love them this Valentine's Day.

Go Adventuring Together

If your pet is feeling adventurous, consider a fun outdoor excursion. Discovering a new park, doggie hot spot, hiking trail, or watering hole will be stimulating for you both. In addition to providing an extra boost of energy, spending time together in unknown environments is a powerful way to solidify your connection.

Dogs often look to their owners for reassurance in unfamiliar situations. As you help your dog safely navigate the new environment, he will learn to trust you more and more. With every situation that you help your dog to navigate, you'll strengthen the loving bond you share.

[It's still winter out there! Click here for tips on keeping your pets safe this winter season!]

Create a Sanctuary at Home

After you get home from a long day's adventure, what could make your pet feel more adored than a cozy space all her own? Or, if you are at the office all day while your pet is home alone, a safe refuge is the perfect way to help her feel at peace when you're not around.

Consider some different ways to spruce up your pet's environment with items that will offer creature comforts. Some ideas include:

  • A blanket that smells like you.
  • Spoil her with a luxurious new bed.
  • A fun, new chew toy.
  • Provide secure access to an open outdoor space.

Naturally, every pet will have different preferences, so you need to experiment to determine what will make your pet most comfortable.

Invest in Healthy Pet Food

Like humans, pets thrive when they consume healthy and nutrient-filled foods. Unfortunately, there's a lot of inaccurate information floating around regarding pet food.

Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what is the optimal nutrition for our pets. However, one reliable source of information is a veterinarian who specializes in nutrition. If you have questions about what is best for your pet, please contact the experts at College Road and Carolina Beach Animal Hospitals today!

Be sure to check out the American College of Veterinary Nutrition for pet food recalls and important information.

Schedule a Spa Day

Splurge on a spa day for your pet this Valentine's Day. Many pets associate negative feelings with their bath time but creating a fun experience with a pet spa can turn that around.

Our groomer, Danielle, is a compassionate and knowledgeable groomer who has been grooming for over ten years. She has a unique way of building trust with our clients and their pets. Every pet deserves some pampering, and we offer everything from a basic package to complete grooming packages.

While you're at it, make an appointment for a dental cleaning to get your pet's smile sparkling again!

Exercise With Your Pet

Exercise is a vital part of your pets' lives. Running, playing fetch, walking, tug of war, and agility classes are all excellent ways to keep your dog physically and mentally fit.

For cats, try interactive play with balls or wand toys. Some cats can even be taught to enjoy walks outdoors with the right gear. These activities have proven benefits for humans as well.

Make Regular Vet Appointments

While this may not be as exciting as a day at the park or new toys, one of the best ways you can show your pet some love is to ensure they live a long and healthy life. Nothing keeps our pets on a healthy journey more than consistent visits to their vet and staying up to date on necessary vaccines.

If you're a pet owner, you know that animals need love displayed in various ways. Animals have similar emotions as humans, so help improve their quality of life and their Valentine's Day by trying these tips!