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Eleven Fall Activities to Enjoy With Your Pup

October 01, 2021

Fall may be spooky season, but it's also a great time to make some great memories with your pup.

The fall foliage and cool weather make for plenty of opportunities for outdoor playtime. Take advantage of these last few weeks before the weather turns cold with these festive, pet-friendly fall activities!

Take a Walk

With the heat and humidity of the North Carolina summer dying down, autumn is the perfect time to take a scenic walk through nature.

Enjoy all the colors and smells that fall has to offer, all while getting in some quality exercise. Of course, make sure your dog is protected from fleas and ticks, and check his skin after hiking.

Getaway for the Weekend

Fall is the off-season for many vacation destinations. Rates are lower, and crowds are smaller, giving you and your pup an exciting opportunity to take a little road trip.

There are many dog-friendly hotels, beaches, trails, and campsites, so start researching now!

Take a Ghost Tour

Nothing says Halloween like a spooky adventure. Check our area for pet-friendly tours of haunted locations, and bring your fur baby along! You'll be surprised how many ghost stories haunt our region.

You'll learn something new about Wilmington, and your dog will have a blast!

Relax on a Festive Hayride

Your pup will love a ride through the farm on a scenic tour. Hayrides provide your dog with cool air and some quality outdoor time.

Ventures like these are great for social dogs. Before you bring your dog on a hayride, check to see if the farm is pet-friendly. Be sure to keep him on a leash and make sure he is well-behaved.

Spend a Day Apple Picking

Apple picking; the most basic of all fall activities. Bring your pup along for a relaxing walk through a pet-friendly orchard as you and your friends collect apples.

Be sure to follow proper pet etiquette and bring some waste bags you need to pick up after your pup. And plan to use the apples to make some delicious homemade dog treats.

Make It a Game Day to Remember

There's no shortage of ways to include your dog in the game day fun! Bring him to a tailgate or a friend's celebration. Or just cheer on your favorite team together from the couch. Whatever you do, don't forget the snacks!

Enjoy Some Local Festivities

The season brings the best local festivals! Bring him to an outdoor celebration where pets are welcome. Even better, host a fall party at your home and invite all the dogs in the neighborhood!

Check out these local festivals and start planning a day around town:

Organize a Photoshoot

Fall provides some fantastic doggie photo opportunities! Capture your pup playing outside and save them for future memories.

If you're feeling extra creative, organize your dog photos into an autumn scrapbook.

Explore the Pumpkin Patch

Your pup would happily stroll around a pumpkin patch or help you find your way out of the corn maze.

It's a classic autumn tradition that you can spend with your fur baby; just make sure the farm is pet-friendly before you head out.

Make Some Pumpkin Treats

Pumpkin is everywhere this time of year, and it's a great treat for you and your pup.

Now that you've picked your pumpkin from the pumpkin patch have a slice of pumpkin pie for yourself and try adding some pumpkin puree to your dog's diet. It's full of fiber and great for digestion; just make sure you don't overdo it.

Check out these homemade pumpkin treats from the American Kennel Club.

Have a Movie Marathon

After you've spent some time exercising with your pooch, treat him to some Halloween classics. Snuggle up for family-friendly Halloween films like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, or the Dog Who Saved Halloween.

This is also a good activity for dogs who don't like the excitement of trick-or-treaters. Leave a bowl of candy outside while you watch these festive flicks in peace!

After a long hot summer here on the coast, autumn is a fantastic time for humans and pets. But fall, and all the festivities that come with it, are best enjoyed when everyone is healthy and happy.

Be sure to visit our informative news page for more tips and helpful advice to help you and your pets stay safe all season long. For more information and guidance on helping your pets safely enjoy the holiday, make an appointment with College Road orCarolina Beach Animal Hospital staff today.